Friday, January 20, 2012

Headache and BP SCARE

So all last weekend I had this enormous headache. Monday night I was hurting so bad that I was in tears.  I never even thought to check my blood pressure as a possible culprit! That was the last thing on my mind, but it should have been the first with my history of pre-eclampsia with both my Tuesday rolled around and I decided that if the headache didn't go away I was for sure calling the doctor. I had posted about the headache on facebook, so one of my friends told me to go and check my BP. It was not pretty. It was 157/90 at that time. I called the doctor and went in for a visit the next morning (Wednesday - my usual doctor visit day.) So they checked my bp and it was alright. It was 119/90 - not nearly as bad as it had been on the previous day. The verdict was in - it could have just been a little infection that my body was trying to get rid of, or it could be hormones (which I believe it was the infection due to the constant sinus pressure, etc.) Or last, it could be the increase in blood volume in my body. Either way my BP was much better. Next it was time to listen to the heartbeat....but Dr. Robinson couldn't find it with the regular doppler. So he sent me in for a ultrasound.... Low and behold there was little baby Mullinax. Heartbeat was 171 and there was a great picture of this sweet little baby! That made me feel lots better!

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